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StormNexus is an online action-adventure roleplaying game, using Bioware’s Neverwinter Nights Engine.

Why play StormNexus?

  • The ancient mythology: Take part in the epic story.
  • We're completely original: Unencumbered by copyrights.

  • Freedom: Play what you want, how you want. We still appreciate the players who study the story-so-far and try to integrate to it. The whole server changing to fit in to your RP is unlikely, yet long and hard efforts might be rewarded...
  • Dynamic factions: Never be bound to the same old good/evil again. Nothing is black and white. Alliances, truces, backstabbing, treachery! Players can have an effect on all this too!

  • Almost no class restrictions: Play nearly any class in any combination - more power to you!

  • Experience: We’ve been at this for years, and it shows.
  • Mature community: 2+ years of continually raised standards.
  • Friendly DMs: We can identify, because we’re players too.

  • Powerful hardware: High performance, low down time.
  • Linux powered: Amazing stability and security.

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